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BLM – Plomosa Road

BLM -Plomosa Road

Ahh, such beauty, I’ve always loved the desert. I’ve traveled to Arizona most of my adult life. Drove cross-country, flew, drove from Colorado – something about that place. A lot of people see desolate, I see beauty. Love for the Joshua Trees, Cacti, the mountains and canyons, I could watch it change as the sun passes by from eastern sunrise to high noon and down to sunset. I did that on Plomosa Road, BLM (Bureau of Land Management-Arizona) land outside Quartzsite, Arizona.

Sunset in Quartzsite


I camped alone, feeling like I just needed down time from packing and moving and selling my stuff for months. Heard about Plomosa Road through social media, Plomosa is free 14 day camping on BLM land near Quartzsite. The open sky and clouds totally captivated me. Being a loner by nature, I could be alone for long periods of time without really missing human contact. That part of the pandemic has been easier for me than most others I know. Alas, I made an effort to connect through social media for nomads and vandwellers, meeting someone somewhere every day I was there.

Full Moon Halloween 2020


The gasone camp stove got its maiden usage, having given away my old campstove that used propane exclusively. This gasone dual fuel stove is much smaller than my big, old two burner dinosaur. Gasone heated food just fine with the butane canister. My battery bank is sufficient so I cook with a hot logic hot plate and trusty 1500W hot water heater. No problems being well fed.

One pot dinner, chana masala with avocado and blue corn chips

Coyote came to visit one night. I’ve had experiences with the coyote in the past and recognize it as a relative. Having said hello, I also mentioned “we’re all related” and he left without incident. I put in a pee perimeter after that encounter. Other critter I saw was some sort of mouse or rat. I moved camp for that one, didn’t want to have it trying to get in and I’m not mouse proofed yet. Not sure I want to deal with mouse traps, so I’m studying solutions others have used.

Peace, Love and Light!

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