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Reflecting Time – Phoenix, AZ

Reflecting Time – Phoenix, AZ

I spent some reflecting time in Phoenix, AZ, someone showed me the Steele Indian School Park. There are a couple of ponds and areas that have the lovely sounds of running water. So soothing in this time of uncertainty.

Walking around this nature spot helped me to clear my head. So many decisions to make. Uncertainty around every corner. One thing was for sure – Still have too much stuff, so I was whittling away at 17 years worth of stuff, some older, some newer. Steele Indian School Park was close enough to take a break each day. To roam, to reflect and to sit and ponder.

A reflective pond at Steele Indian School Park in Phoenix, AZ

As I would walk around … right foot let, left foot go, right foot let, left foot God. A wonderful walking meditation with a Buddhist influence. Right is “active”, left is “passive” if you want to get really mystical.

Watching the birds at Steele Indian School Park in Phoenix, AZ

Reflecting Time

After the walk my mind would settle a bit. Often I would sit and reflect over the years. We are heading to winter equinox, change of season, holidays. A good time to reflect.

Another angle of the reflecting pond at Steele Indian School Park in Phoenix, AZ

As I sat and watched the reflection changed, memories would come to mind. Worries about the future also came to mind. Bring the mind back to the present. Yes I’m reflecting watching it change on the surface of the water. I watched as my life has changed. The uncertainty of the future. Feeling of my breath in and out, the breeze, the sound of the birds, people. Time to go back and process through more things. I was able to downsize 3 more boxes. Still more to do, but taking a break for now. Gave a box of decent clothes, trinkets and things to a great Thrift Store – The Dove. I really liked their mission of helping people die with dignity and helping the families process through the loss.

One of the great things about being a #nomad/#vanlife is being able to visit these beautiful places. To take the time to reflect. Enjoy the journey!

Peace, Love and Light

#vanlife meditations

Explore – This includes an audio meditation

Explore – This includes an audio meditation

If you’re new to meditation, welcome! You’re an old hand – enjoy! You are welcome to follow the suggestions from a sitting or lying position. Explore takes us through our body, mind and breath. We then go through an exploration of the body with the mind and breath.

How Might this Apply to #vanlife?

That’s a very good question. Have you ever been on the road and not sure which direction to turn? This meditation gives you that little time out to regroup and refocus. I do not recommend doing it while driving, pull over and enjoy.

Several people that I have met along the way say they have difficulty focusing for meditation. At just under 9 minutes, this becomes a tool to help you along the way. Peace, Love and Light

Holistic Nomad Life ยท Explore.mp3
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Ksepana Mudra – Pouring Out

Ksepana Mudra – Pouring Out

The gesture of Ksepana Mudra pouring out and letting go. Allow this mudra to flush away toxins and negativity. See if you can allow positive to replace negative. What do I need to let go of? Is there something holding me back? Ksepana Mudra can help!

Begin by clasping the hands with the left thumb on top, then extend the index figures.

Find a comfortable position standing, sitting or lying down. Arrange the hands to have the index fingers point down if sitting/standing or toward the feet if lying down.

Ksepana Mudra Meditation

Key benefits are –
Aides in elimination through sweat (skin), exhalation (lungs) and large intestine.
Improves exhalation and removes unwanted gases.
Promotes release of tension.
Flows negative energies out allowing fresh and positive energy to replace it.

CAUTION: Hold only until a release is felt or 5 minutes. As you continue to practice this mudra the channels of release will open and you will begin to feel the effects. Practice once a day for 5 minutes or less is enough to encourage opening.

New Beginnings – Life on the Road

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