February 2020 – I sold my home of 9 years and had a grand plan to travel. Over to Las Vegas to visit family, no problems. Up to Utah to take a cranio sacral class – some grumblings about something going on. It’s now the second week in March. Wyoming to visit a former yoga teacher that I hadn’t seen in years! Such fun! Down to Nebraska to teach a workshop, visit family and teach another workshop. At visiting family country is starting to shut down or have lots of confusion anyway.

Second workshop is now cancelled. The places I was to visit, Kansas, Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. Hmm, things are shutting down, maybe go to Massachusetts and ride it out in Massachusetts. Stopped at a friends in Pennsylvania and things got really sketchy. Gas stations, restrooms closed, food closed. Stayed with a friend to regroup. I had an online class to be at so I stayed the weekend. Talked with my parents and they said toilet paper and paper towels were scarce. Got a bit in Pennsylvania then headed to Massachusetts.

Sawmill River

Ah Massachusetts, where I grew up. I really don’t like the weather there, so much rain while I was there. Stayed with Mom and Dad, started up my yoga classes online. So much confusion. I was still hoping my summer job would be on. Time to head back to Colorado. Planned on being there the summer and hitting the road again. No summer job, wound up staying at a friend’s house while she was on vacation. Clean out my office, no clients, been paying for an office for months, no unemployment. Sold the SUV for a small van that is now home. I couldn’t lay flat in the SUV, nice riding car. On the road again in a van.

Sunset in Quartzsite

I’m now a NOMAD. I’ve always been a nomad of sorts. Now it’s totally official. I have friends and family that let me stay and clean up, but for the most part going from place to place. Arizona is likely to be my winter go to. I’ve camped near Quartzsite and really love the land there. I hear it gets busy soon, but it was quite quiet and deserted while I was there for a couple weeks.

Now is the time to live my holistic nomad life. A massage therapist, yoga teacher and former computer jockey and food service worker living on the road and so far loving it!