#vanlife meditations

Explore – This includes an audio meditation

Explore – This includes an audio meditation

If you’re new to meditation, welcome! You’re an old hand – enjoy! You are welcome to follow the suggestions from a sitting or lying position. Explore takes us through our body, mind and breath. We then go through an exploration of the body with the mind and breath.

How Might this Apply to #vanlife?

That’s a very good question. Have you ever been on the road and not sure which direction to turn? This meditation gives you that little time out to regroup and refocus. I do not recommend doing it while driving, pull over and enjoy.

Several people that I have met along the way say they have difficulty focusing for meditation. At just under 9 minutes, this becomes a tool to help you along the way. Peace, Love and Light

Holistic Nomad Life · Explore.mp3

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