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Testing the Ride – Promaster City

Testing the Ride

So off I go to PHX, then forward to LAS – all by car now – testing the ride in the Promaster City. On the way back stop by the Rez, lost a friend. Since Betty, a friend named her Betty because she’s white, was packed to the rafters there would be no overnight stay along the way. A good 10-hour trip, I forgot how much I love Arizona. I’ve gone from having a Civic sedan that I traveled/lived in to a Prius I couldn’t do that in, because I couldn’t straighten my legs, to a Buick SUV that I couldn’t straighten my legs out in to a
City with a Wayfarer kit already installed when I bought it.

Wide storage, difficult to open.

I really don’t like the set up, difficult to get into. The kit wraps around to a very narrow entry, batteries installed on passenger side so I can’t move that without a lot of hassle. How can I arrange/rearrange to get it easier. This is the test. Table was warped already since it was not a good design. Bed has a fold out section that can’t work with the table down. Grr, fold out section makes it very difficult to get into the largest storage compartment. Ok, let’s get onto solutions.

Very narrow opening for entering and exiting back of van.

Testing the Ride – Solutions

Table has been removed, we tried to modify it, but no go. Solution, ahh no table rattling for miles on end, the quiet is awesome. It was also very difficult to put the leg on without being able to see what I was doing. You had to have the table down and twist the leg in underneath, weird.

The inside – table on right has been removed. Pardon the messy bed.

Storage drawers on top of one of the back boxes that has ripped off many chunks of skin! A friend took off the back door openings – big mistake since there is threaded string to hold the table in back up, oye. Sanding would have been my choice. I could not get the string re-threaded after the board was cut down to open and close without opening the top. Solution? A five inch block suffices and no chunks of skin gone. The door opens and closes even if I’m sitting on it! I can’t tell you how happy that made me!

Using vertical space, storage bin on top of storage.

Another solution. the storage drawers kept flying off the shelf so I jerry rigged bungies and a dowel. No more crashes, YAY!

Using a dowel to keep wide storage open.

The large storage compartment. Hmm, I’m considering taking it off completely or cutting holes so I can reach in and grab things without having to open the top. This one currently doesn’t have a solution, still mulling.

Possible solution – temporary…

Peace, Love and Light!

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